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Hey, I'm Fabian, Digital Product Designer, currently living in sunny Hamburg. 🌦️ I have a passion for illustration and I'm fascinated by writing code. Currently I'm working on complex design systems, web and app interfaces, the emotionalization of brands and beautifying the resulting empty states and onboardings.
Although illustration is not my main focus, I appreciate the variety it offers to interface design. For various games, campaigns and empty states, I was able to use my talent as a visual designer and illustrator in miscellaneous teams.
While working on a long-term for Deepblue, I was able to contribute in several game developments. I was able to apply my own knowledge and experience in gaming and eSports and took over the conception and design of game worlds, their interactive objects and the connecting user interfaces.
I have been enthusiastic about the independent implementation of websites for many years. There I was able to immerse myself in an exciting world that, besides having a lot of fun, one time or another my high tolerance for frustration was put to the test. I acquired valuable knowledge in dealing with HTML and SCSS and was able to use this when programming my own templates and themes for Wordpress based on JointsWP / Foundation. I have now been working with React on the basis of Gatsby for the first time in my own portfolio. The understanding I have gained allows me to benefit in particular from the close collaboration between development and design.
During the work for Osram Lightelligence, I was able to gain a lot of experience with agile processes. The work on the portal, the various applications and the underlying design system was characterized by constant exchange. As the UI/UX team we assumed the entire communication with product owners and the close coordination with development teams.
Tools I'm working with
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Fabian Heußner

I love cycling, coffee and asian food. 🚴‍💨Outside of work you can often meet me on my road bike in the greater Hamburg area or even crossing the Alps. I draw inspiration and strength primarily from nature, my love for mountaineering and the photography of impressive architecture. Road cycling offers me an important balance to desk work and gives me the focus and the mental willpower to solve complex tasks.