Osram Lightelligence

Open Source IoT Design System

A plurality of components for the rapid development of custom tailored IoT solutions.
UI UX Management Illustration
The Situation

Making it accessible to everyone

LIGHTELLIGENCE is an open IoT platform and ecosystem in the light and building market. It simplifies the development of IoT software and provides clients with a full stack turn key IoT solution that can be applied to a huge range of industries. In order to ensure a quality standard for the design and user experience, we created an open source design system. Tools like Abstract helped us to enable collaborative work and manage the scope of the design system, which can be found on GitHub.

A Requirement

Documentation is key

With the rapidly increasing number of components and the further development of the design system to 2.0, an extensive documentation of these components became necessary. In addition to a detailed description in Confluence, we created Lightelligence Docs, which were also implemented on the basis of the design system.

In order to advertise the product and demonstrate the capabilities of the platform, we developed prototypes and applications cross-teams and worked closely with developers.

My role

From factual to pretty

The UI UX team independently took care of the customer's communication and advice. In agile processes, we jointly developed new components and features and were significantly involved in the implementation of complex IoT applications. During my work for Lightelligence, I decisively shaped the design system and established the use of illustrations for the emotionalization of empty states.