Independent Work

A take on improving workflows

Building a global library to enable better collaboration, define an unified process, and achieve faster deliverables.
UI UX Workflow Handoff
The Situation

One file to feed them all

Looking back at my professional career, the work on different accounts, projects, the development of features or new products actually had one thing in common: There was no unified overall process. I wanted to change that and with Monoflow I created a library that can do even more than that.

The Solution

What does Monoflow offer?

With a global library that can be incorporated into any design file of a design system or even smaller projects, I tried to give product teams a toolkit that gives them extensive possibilities to unify dev handoffs and documentation. Beyond that, one thing has always bothered me. I love Whimsical for low- and hi-fidelity wireframes. But what it lacks is the ability to quickly build a click prototype and test it on a device. Figmas prototyping should fill that gap. Monoflow offers a similar range of pre-built components to build these prototypes quickly and still not get lost in the details.

Key Takeaways

Always room for further improvement

It's great to see that the approach was quickly adapted by product teams and found to be valuable. However, similar to a product, Monoflow needs to be constantly evolving to meet the needs of designers and developers. In addition to more icons, the focus is particularly on UX templates for Jobs To Be Done, Empathy Maps, and more. New tools, software updates and changing requirements create new needs that have to be addressed.